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Junior Interclub Score Sheets

Div 1 Boys – Score Sheet
Div 1 Girls – Score Sheet
Div 2 Boys – Score Sheet
Div 3 Boys – Score Sheet
Div 3 Girls – Score Sheet
Div 4 – Score Sheets
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Junior Interclub Rules

Please ensure the team arrives 20-30 minutes before your game and that the score card is filled out ready to start.

There should be 3 courts available to play 2 singles and 1 doubles (twice)


Divisions 1 – 3 play with normal tennis balls.  Divisions 4 – 5 play with green dot balls.  Your team manager will be given a can of 4 balls at the beginning of the season.  It is the team’s responsibility to collect the balls after every interclub match.  We strongly suggest you mark the balls with a vivid pen so they can easily be recognised.  We do however, realise that balls go missing from time to time.  For replacement balls, contact Michael Harris on


At the end of each interclub match, scoresheets can be photographed/scanned and sent via email to .  Or, you can leave the scoresheet on the desk in the downstairs office at MLTC.

Junior Interclub 2017 Scoring:

Division 4 and 5:

  • One set to 7. At 6 games all a tie-breaker to 7 points will decide the set (must win by at least 2 points).
  • Players must play doubles 1 and 2 as top combination and 3 and 4 as bottom combination.

Division 2 and 3:

  • Best of 2 sets to 4 games. Must win by 2 sets. At one set all players will play a match super tie-breaker to 10 points (must win by 2 points).
  • The number 1 must play in the top doubles combination but can play with any other players listed in the team.

Division 1:

  • Singles: Best of 3 sets to 6. Doubles: Best of 3 sets to 4.
  • The number 1 must play in the top doubles combination but can play with any other players listed in the team.

Start times:

Players must be starting the warm up by the scheduled time on the draw. If a player is not there for 15 minutes after the stated start time they default their first game and if they haven’t arrived after 30 minutes both matches will be defaulted and the points for the win will go to the other team.

Player Order:

Players must play in Configure Ranking Order. If two players are both of the same “S Grade” the best player must play at 1. This needs to remain the same over the whole season. Players may not keep switching between 1 and 2 in the order.


Please make sure that parents leave the players to sort out scoring, line call and other problems that might arise as that is a good way for them to learn. In Division 5 in is okay for Parents to help as they are generally newer players

Please contact Michael Harris on for any junior interclub team enquiries.