Senior & Junior Club Champs 2017/18


Mens Open Singles: MLTC Mens Open Singles – 2017:18

Womens Open Singles: MLTC Womens Open Singles – 2017

Mens Open Doubles: MLTC Mens Open Doubles – 2017

Womens Open Doubles:  To be played on the 10th of December

Mens B Grade: MLTC Mens B Grade Singles Nov 17

Mixed Doubles: MLTC Mixed Doubles – 2017

Senior Club champs semi-finals and finals day will be held on Sunday, 10th of December at 1pm.

  • Preliminary rounds are to arranged between players and matches played before the finals weekend.
  • Matches will be played best of 3 sets with a super-tie break at 1 set all.

Preliminary round results to be sent to or txt to Hayley on 027 277 8778.   The draw will be updated as results are received.

Entries are closed for seniors.


Men’s Open Singles:
Andy Martin
Jono Spring
Andrew Tyler
Brian Day
David Bayley
Mark Anderson

Reuben Leung-Wai
Peter Anderson
Mike Tate-Davis
Ivan Iniesta
Alec Petersen
Caleb Martin
James Wineera

Damon Amoore
Issac Barclay
Connor Macpherson
Peter Thompson
Dwayne Richardson
Andrew Rowatt
Michael Harris
Sawan Jerri

Men’s B Grade Singles:

Blake Wilson
Tiago Silva
Tim Laing
Shaun Taylor
Caleb Martin
Mark Anderson
Henry Leck
James Wineera
Connor Macpherson

Women’s Open Singles:
Lynn Biel
Ella Bayley
Hannah Sutherland-Smith
Pam Dransfield
Bridget Dickins
Sam Rowe
Lilla Jerry

Men’s Doubles:
Andy Martin & Brendon Hannon
Ivan Iniesta & Daniel Nistor
Peter Thompson & Andrew Tyler
Brian Day & Dwayne Richardson
Alec Pedersen & Jono Spring
Michael Harris & Josh Sorenson
Caleb Martin & Peter Anderson

Women’s Doubles:
Hayley Underwood & Jo Shaw
Carly Chang & Fiona Huston
Pam Dransfield & Lyn Biel
Sam Rowe & Bridget Dickins

Mixed Doubles:
Andy Martin & Hayley Underwood
Brian Day & Pam Dransfield
Carly Chang & Jono Spring
Mike Harris & Jo Shaw
Hannah Sutherland-Smith & Alec Pedersen
Mark Anderson & Michelle Flavel

Junior Club Champs

Junior Club Champs will be played on Sunday, 10th of December, 2017 at 9am.

Entries close on Friday, 8th December.

Primary Boys Singles:
Layton Curtis
Lochie Underwood
Leo Malakar
Rua Te Awe Awe – Wall
Oliver Southall

Primary Girls Singles:
Haana Spring
Olivia Spring

Intermediate Boys Singles:
Carter Underwood
Pascual Iniesta
Felix Shaw
Will Tate-Davis
Jack Burden
Rhys Workman
Lucas Richardson
Hyacinthe Chemasle
Kobe Spring

Intermediate Girls Singles:
Gihara Fernando
Lucy Burden
Stevie Bos

College Boys Singles:
Flynn Underwood
Sam McFadzean

College Girls Singles:
Grace Kennett