Senior & Junior Club Champs 2018/19

Congratulations to the winners of the 2018/19 Season Club Champs!

Mens Open Singles:
Champion: Terry Lee
Runner-up: Alex Evans


Women’s Open Singles:
Champion: Jennifer Green
Runner-up: Hannah Sutherland-Smith

Men’s Open Doubles:
Champions: Terry Lee & Alex Evans
Runner Up: Jono Spring & Scott Sutherland

Women’s Doubles:
Champions: Jennifer Green & Caroline Liwon

Mixed Doubles:
Champions: Jennifer Green & Vincent Baylis
Runner-Up: Hannah Sutherland-Smith & Alex Evans

Men’s B Grade Singles:
Champion: Caleb Martin
Runner-up: Damon Amoore

Women’s B Grade Singles:
Champion: Jenna Bowie
Runner-up: Ella Bayley


Women’s B Grade Doubles:
Champions: Debbie Curtis & Linda Wynks


College Boys Singles:
Champion: Rhys Workman (right)
Runner-Up: Will Tate-Davis


Intermediate Boys Singles:
Champion: Kobe Spring (left)
Runner-up: Felix Shaw


Intermediate Girls Singles:
Champion: Zlata Shapran
Runner-up: Nicola Sutherland-Smith


Primary Boys Singles:
Champion: Pascual Inviesta
Runner-up: Layton Curtis